Impel Ventures Meets Facebook Workplace

Founded in 2012, Impel Ventures is a group of companies having interests across Education, Wellness, and Dental Healthcare industries. We have rapidly grown across 16 states in India and over 50 locations. Instead of having multiple applications, we were looking for an easy to use platform where we can ensure smooth communication which can be across functions and different companies. Workplace by Facebook has been very handy in ensuring compliance to our service standards, acknowledging employee contribution and reducing the time in day to day meetings.

How Workplace is Useful

  • We have multi-company groups which allow inter related businesses to interact and quickly respond to customer needs
  • All our onsite trainings are broad casted Live to check quality and consistency in delivery
  • Employee engagement and recognition easy and is visible to people other than the immediate hierarchy as well
  • Since we are in service businesses, employees are able to immediately upload pictures and feedback from clients and get real time feedback from clients which helps in better delivery
  • All major announcements and policy matters are hosted on a multi company group which allows quick employee feedback and better engagement overall.
  • Major project developments and milestones are updated on the respective groups to ensure real time monitoring and timely completion
  • New hire on-boarding is done through Workplace and all the common policies and guidelines are made available in the HR group
  • The new team members are quickly able to become familiar with existing team and also adopt to the work culture of the company by having a look at the earlier posts in the group
  • Useful content related to new developments in businesses is posted by each member in the concerned group to enable knowledge sharing
  • Sameer Joshi

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